Coronavirus / Covid-19

Coronavirus Frequently Asked Questions

We fully understand that these are exceptional circumstances we all find ourselves in currently. We are monitoring updates from Public Health England and the UK Government and working closely with local authorities,local crematoria and burial grounds to ensure we comply with their Coronavirus procedures.

We have compiled a list of FAQs around Coronavirus / Covid-19, and will endeavour to update this as developments occur and as questions are posed to us.

Will you be performing home arrangements ?

It is with regret that unfortunately due to the Government’s advice regarding social distancing we will not be able to perform home arrangements at this time.

As much as possible the funeral arrangements will be carried out via phone, email or via post.

Can I arrange a funeral if I am self-isolating ?

Yes of course, we ask that you inform us of your status when contacting us.

We can help arrange your loved ones funeral over the phone, by email or via post. 

Are you still offering limousines on funerals ?

Yes we are, however there are strict guidlines that must be followed which we can advise you about should you be interested in looking at this option.

Are there delays in performing funerals ?

No, not at this time. However unfortunately due to the pandemic there is an expectation that this may change.

Are there restrictions on the number of attendees at funerals ?

Yes. Whilst funerals are permitted by the Government to still take place, there are restrictions in place regarding the numbers of attendees. 

We will advise you regarding the latest advice for the specific funeral location you have chosen.

We would encourage you to restrict the number of friends and family who attend in order to help with social distancing.

Am I still able to follow my religious beliefs and customs ?

Yes. At this time there are no restirctions in place preventing this, however this may change depending on the advice forthcoming from the Government.

Do you have additional hygiene measures in place ?

We already operated with extremely high levels of hygiene and safety, however as per guidance from Public Health England we have taken additional steps to ensure the safety of both our clients and our staff.

Will you be accepting donations at the funeral service ?

No. With the number of attendees expected to be low, and growing concerns around the handling of cash, we are no longer accepting donations at any of our funeral services.